The Demarle SILPAT

Product Description

The Demarle SILPAT industrial-grade silicone and fibreglass baking mat is the original non-stick baking mat. SILPAT products never need greasing and replace parchment paper. The SILPAT is an ingenious creation that is great for working with sticky food items like taffy, caramel, gooey batter, and dough. Nothing sticks to the SILPAT. This product is one of our favourites, and can be used countless times without worrying about damage or wear.

  • 11½ × 16½
  • Replaces parchment paper; nothing will stick to this mat
  • Built with extremely durable silicone and fibreglass materials
  • Completely food safe; FDA, NSF, and Kosher certified
  • Made in France

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