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July 07, 2015

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7 Things You Need To Know About The Vitamix Blender

1. You Can Cook Soups In It.
Yes this is a real thing. You can make delicious soups right from scratch with the Vitamix blender. We aren’t just talking about cooking up your soup in a heavy-bottomed pot and pouring it into the Vitamix to puree. By placing in the raw ingredients and setting to the appropriate speed levels you can cook a hot, delicious soup using just one appliance in a very short period of time.
2. You Can Make Nut Butters From Scratch.
From rich hazelnut spreads to fresh peanut butter the Vitamix can pulverize and puree raw nuts into scrumptious eats. Take fresh, roasted peanuts, place them into the machine, use the included tamper accessory and get the perfect consistency and bold flavour of home-made peanut butter that can last up to two weeks in the fridge.
3. You Can Make Dairy-Free Milks .
The Vitamix can make custom dairy-free milks by blending nuts and seeds with water or coconut water. These home-made and healthy milks like a cashew and macadamia blend provide you with a rich and non-dairy milk with no additives or preservatives. The power and engineering of the Vitamix helps these milks to blend properly with you in charge of finding your favourite consistency.

November 10, 2014

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Best Stocking Stuffers Under $10


Stocking stuffers are like the appetizer to a great holiday morning! With many more stocking stuffers in-store, here are some of our favourites for the 2014 holiday season:





scrubbieThese little guys are one of our best-selling items at the store and make the perfect stocking stuffer. Tough, durable and able to cut through the toughest messes, this all purpose cleaning tool packs a ton of value.  Scrubbies can be used on any cookware surface without a worry – a perfect gift under $5!



trudeaueggpoachThis egg poacher by Trudeau simplifies egg poaching and keeps your hands safe! Unlike other silicone egg poachers, Trudeau offers a small handle that makes removing the eggs from the pot much easier. Place the egg in the non-stick silicone surface and drop the poacher into a small amount of water and voila! In a few minutes you’ve got a brilliant poached egg. Only $5.99!



pot clip trudeauThis pot clip can keep your stovetop and kitchen counter cleaner when cooking! Place the clip on your saucepot and you’ll always have a place to keep your dirty spoon or cooking utensil. At only $9.95 this is the perfect stocking stuffer for the home cook who likes to keep things tidy!



swissmar-peelerThis is one of our favorite peelers. The high-quality swiss made blades cannot only peel the toughest potato but can also be used to shave vegetables like carrots and asparagus for salads. This is the best peeler for the price – only $5!




jarkeyThis stocking stuffer is perfect for that special person who always has trouble opening the pickle jar! This unique kitchen item helps to relieve stress on the hands by loosening the bond between the lid and the jar. At $5.99 this stress-reliever comes at a great price and fits perfectly in a stocking.